Excellence in School Leadership – WA Education Award 2022 Winners

Last week we were announced as the winners of the Excellence in School Leadership Award in the WA Education Awards. This award celebrates schools and teams taking an inclusive approach to leadership where shared responsibility and a focus on collective impact rather than individual achievement is encouraged. The award was developed to recognise schools that create and sustain the conditions for all students to achieve and progress, and to acknowledge that collective leadership can happen at all levels. It is a testament to the strength and depth of the leadership culture at our school – from our educators, our students, our gardeners, cleaners, admin staff and canteen workers – far beyond the boardroom or those in formal leadership roles.

Successful 杏十八永久地址发布 students are not only academically able 鈥 they鈥檙e strong team members, they care for others, and they want to give back to the world.聽 Far from an institution of routine testing and grades, we鈥檝e created an environment where students obtain real-world knowledge and understanding, and develop the emotional and social intelligence needed not only to become active life participants but also to be remarkable leaders.

Michael Morgan, Principal

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