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Term 2 Tour dates are live

With enrolments for 2024 front and centre in many parents’ minds, our Term Two tour dates are now live and up on our website. Head here to find a date that suits you and book your place.

And don’t forget you can always explore our if you can’t make it here in person.

The Jungle Book – Get your tickets!

杏十八永久地址发布 Arts are proud to presentThe Jungle Bookwritten by Briandaniel Oglesby.Mowgli wants nothing more than to fit in somewhere, but fitting in with wolves isn鈥檛 easy for a man鈥檚 cub. When Mowgli runs away, he sets in motion his own coming-of-age journey full of monkeys, snakes, kites and wolves. Come and watch our spectacular performers, musicians and backstage crew turn our Auditorium intoThe Jungle Book.This show will be AUSLAN interpreted on Opening Night, Thursday the 4th of May.
Dates & Times:听

Opening Night:听Thursday 4th May 2023,听6:00 pm

Evening Performance:Friday 5th May 2023,听6:00 pm

Matinee:Sat 6th May 2023,听1:00 pm

Closing Night:Sat 6th May 2023,听6:00 pm

Doors open 15 minutes prior.

or at the door (cash only).

A Tribute to Stella Berry – Y11

I would not presume to assert that I understand the pain and anguish that is being felt by the Berry family and Stella鈥檚 friends at this difficult time. I do hope, however, that as Principal of 杏十八永久地址发布, I have the responsibility and right to respectfully acknowledge and celebrate the life of Stella Berry 鈥 Shenton student, Year 11.

Stella came to us last year 鈥 and I think it would be fair to say that at her enrolment we knew that we were inheriting a very special individual. She came to us with a clear sense of what she wanted from the school and an impressive sense of conviction about where she was at in her life and what she hoped to achieve.听 She wanted to run a marathon, she saw herself completing school and going to explore life overseas. In her short time here at 杏十八永久地址发布 Stella has given embodiment to her name 鈥 for Stella, like her name, was a star. She radiated light into the lives of others and had a lasting positive impact on everyone she touched. Stella illuminated classrooms and friendships with laughter and a smile.听 It speaks volumes of who she was, that in the relatively brief period of time that she has been part of our direct school community, her light has shone on so many people.

I do hope I also have the right to acknowledge those wonderful personal attributes of Stella: Resilient, Artistic, Adventurous, Compassionate, Caring, Inquisitive, Inclusive and Tolerant.

The influence that Stella has had on our community reaches beyond Shenton鈥檚 boundaries and into the hallways and classrooms of St Hilda鈥檚, Scotch and MLC. Shining lights, like Stella, radiate over vast areas and leave a warmth that nurtures, generates growth and nourishes.

I hope we will remember Stella by living out her values and attributes. I hope we will continue to be resilient during times of struggle and compassionate of others in need. I hope we maintain our adventurous spirit and inclusive way of being.

杏十八永久地址发布 acknowledges Stella Berry and the significant impact she had on the communities across the Western Suburbs. We pass on our sincerest condolences to Sophie, Matt and Mae to whom she was a loving daughter and sister, and we will try and continue to live out the values that Stella showed us. That is how Shenton will pay tribute to this shining light.
Michael Morgan

Support for Students at 杏十八永久地址发布

I am sure you will have read my message to the community this morning concerning Stella Berry and the incident at the river in North Fremantle.听 This message is to provide some information concerning support offered by the College over the coming period which you might wish to access.

It is normal you may be upset or distressed by such an event whether you were directly connected to it or not. We would encourage you to seek out your friends and family for support.

At the College, you can be assured that if required there will be staff dedicated to supporting you over the coming days.听 You can access school support by speaking directly with any of the office admin team – students in the Middle School (7-8) should approach the听Middle School Administration Office, or if in one of our senior schools (9-12), by attending听Lemnos House听or the Year Admin Offices (Mr Green or Ms Hamburg).听 Alternatively, you can always request support through any of your teachers, who will ensure the Student Support team are directly notified.

Please do not hesitate to seek our support over the coming days if you need it. You may also find agencies like听听useful at this time.

Kind regards

Michael Morgan

Important Information For Our Shenton Community

Dear Members of our 杏十八永久地址发布 CommunityIt is with great sadness, sincere empathy and the deepest regret that I write to inform you that Stella Berry (Year 11), much-loved sister of Mae Berry (Year 9), tragically lost her life on Saturday 4th February in an incident at the river in North Fremantle.听I understand and respect that people respond to grief and loss in different ways, and that a loss such as this can trigger a broad range of emotional responses that are not always anticipated or evident.To this end, 杏十八永久地址发布 and our entire Student Support team (School Psychologists, Student Support Officers, Chaplains, Nurses, Year Leaders, and other staff) will be available to support students as needed.听 Further correspondence about how students and staff can access support will be provided this afternoon.I have personally offered, on behalf of the College, our condolences and support to Stella鈥檚 family during this very sad time. As all of you will be aware it is vital that we respect the wishes of Stella鈥檚 family who have requested understanding and privacy during this difficult time.听I am sharing this communication with the consent of the Berry family.听杏十八永久地址发布 respectfully acknowledges the life of Stella Berry.Yours sincerelyMichael Morgan

Gifted and Talented Applications for 2024 Closing Soon

Families are reminded that the application window for places in the Education Department’s Gifted and Talented Selective Programs closes at 11.59pm Sunday, 12th February.

Applications are open to students who are in Y6 in 2023 who enter Y7 in 2024. There may also be limited places in Gifted and Talented programs for children entering Ys 9, 10 or 11 in 2024.

These unique academic, arts and languages programs are available at select public secondary schools. 杏十八永久地址发布 has a proud tradition of success in developing Gifted and Talented students.

Applications are now open at

The website also contains information about the programs, where they are offered and upcoming parent information evenings. For more information, you can contact the Gifted and Talented Selection Unit on 9264 4307 or at听Late applications are not accepted.

More information can be found here.

Excellence in School Leadership – WA Education Award 2022 Winners

Last week we were announced as the winners of the Excellence in School Leadership Award in the WA Education Awards. This award celebrates schools and teams taking an inclusive approach to leadership where shared responsibility and a focus on collective impact rather than individual achievement is encouraged. The award was developed to recognise schools that create and sustain the conditions for all students to achieve and progress, and to acknowledge that collective leadership can happen at all levels. It is a testament to the strength and depth of the leadership culture at our school – from our educators, our students, our gardeners, cleaners, admin staff and canteen workers – far beyond the boardroom or those in formal leadership roles.

Successful 杏十八永久地址发布 students are not only academically able 鈥 they鈥檙e strong team members, they care for others, and they want to give back to the world.听 Far from an institution of routine testing and grades, we鈥檝e created an environment where students obtain real-world knowledge and understanding, and develop the emotional and social intelligence needed not only to become active life participants but also to be remarkable leaders.

Michael Morgan, Principal

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